BBQ and Pizza Oven Part 2 Build completes

The second phase of the BBQ and Pizza Oven started in the Autumn.

The timber frame was erected around the BBQ and fixed onto the existing aquapanel wall system.  Once fixed the fabricated stainless steel cap was fitted at the top which fits around the 2 flues and includes an in-built drain fitting to allow water to drain to the base of the wall.

The progress on the cladding has been good with plenty of dry weather this autumn.  The treated timber frame supports 12mm concrete board with a 5 layer rendering system which comprises joint filler, basecoat (with embedded mesh), primer, topcoat acrylic render and finally a paint finish.  Aluminium capping fitted at the end to complete the integration with the existing house structure.

So it was Halloween weekend when the project finally completed and we christened the finished BBQ with some giant steaks on the Argentinian Grill