Shipping Container cladding completed

It only took two years but the blue shipping container shed we bought when building the house is finally clad in larch.

We bough the container from Atlantic Cabins ( to use as secure storage during the building process and decided to keep it as our garden shed.

Following a clean and paint touch-up to fix any rusty spots I fixed 2×1 treated timber battens to the side and door using 38mm self-tapping countersunk tek screws for steel.  Due to the corrugation on the side of the container I then had to fix 2×2 battens onto the original battens to be able to fix on the horizontal boards.

We had bought enough larch cladding from Corell Timber ( when doing the house to allow for the container however it was a close call as I had only 2 lengths of cladding and a few scrap bits to spare by the time the final board was fixed in place.  We also had enough left over of the coated aluminium capping which is on the house which finished the top edges of the cladding.

Now we sit back and wait for it to silver and fade to match the rest of the house.