Flat Roof cover in fibreglass by Bautech Construction

On a Bank Holiday Monday the team from Bautech Construction arrived bright and early to begin covering the roof.

The roofing system uses fibreglass as the waterproof covering.  The timber deck is carefully covered with a series of fibreglass fillet pieces to round all the corners and provide a continuous surface.

The timber edges on the roof gulleys are sanded and rounded.  Once it has been fully cleaned and any damp spots have been blowtorched to ensure a dry surface the covering begins.  Strips of  fibreglass sheet are fixed in the gulleys and parapet to form the edges and along any joints before the larger sheets are applied to the main rood surface.  Special rollers ensure the sheets are fully embedded in the resin and there are no air pockets or bubbles.

Once cured and dry the translucent fibreglass is covered in a resin which offers fire-retardant features and a nice continuous colour finish .. the resin can be coloured but we were happy with the dark grey colour that it comes in by default.

With the malodorous weather this week, the BauTech guys have been challenged to keep the work areas weather-tight and dry so they can work. With some clever timber work and plastic sheeting they’ve managed to create tent structures over the sub-roof areas to enable them to work through the showers.