Topsoil for garden lawns and fencing completed

After the fabulous weather of the previous week .. we managed to pick a wet/rainy few days to get the topsoil spread across the site which made for less than ideal conditions.

Joe McNamara, who has worked on the foundations, footpaths and other siteworks was back on site with digger, dumper and some help to complete the work.

The rear boundary has been clearly defined with a small mound which will reduce any rainwater run-off coming from the hill behind the house.  Treated posts with wire mesh and barbed wire were also set along the rear boundary.

In the back garden, we have a set of terraced beds for vegetables and such along the northern boundary which are south facing and should gets lots of sun (when it shows its face).  Joe did a great job of shaping the rear garden to give us the maximum flat area through the side and around to the front garden. Out front the lawn is set slightly higher than the patio area and it is sloped gently towards the road boundary with steeper sides for the car park.

We have to wait now for a month or two for the topsoil to settle before we get any weeds sprayed and the lawns raked, rolled and seeded in time for the autumn.