Vertical Blinds in Living Room installed

With all the steel pulleys buried in the walls a few months ago it has taken some time to work through assembling the rest of the system. The plastic-coated steel wires and second timber rail with pulleys have been hanging in the windows for weeks now awaiting the final stage.

With the seven custom blinds supplied by Stella Blinds in Eastlink Business Park in Limerick and about 120 metres of 3mm blind cord bought on eBay and strips of aluminium from James Healy in Eastlink Business Park ( we were ready to put it all together.

Threaded the blind cord around the pulleys before pulling the timber rail up into the wall opening and fixing the steel wires onto a hook inside the opening. Hopefully I’ll never have to bring that system down again but it is there in an emergency.

I glued the blind fabric to the aluminium strips, drilled holes in either end of the strip and passed the blind cord through the strip. All safely tied off I can now pull the blind right up into the opening. Fixing cleats to the poles with screw & glue means I can tie off the blinds at whatever position is required.

The final phase will be to cut out slots in 12mm ply sheeting which will cover the underside of the window opening which will hide all the insulation, structural timbers etc. and just let the blinds rise & drop.

All the cleats, pulleys, eye-plates etc. were sourced from a great UK website GS Products (