Leaf Traps added to roof downpipes

With Autumn 2013 on the way and the trees starting to shed it is time to sort leaf-traps for the roof gutter downpipes.

The fibreglass roof has integrated gutters and downpipes. The roofing material is moulded to fit down into the top of the 4in waste pipes which are nice and big but the downside of the downpipes is that they could eventually fill with leaves and block-up.

After calling into half a dozen builders merchants, plumbing suppliers and gutter companies it the Limerick and Clare region it became obvious that nobody has leaf traps for 4in (100mm diameter) waste pipes .. and with the fibreglass around the top of the opening it was a bit smaller (95mm diameter) which made standard 4in pipe accessories unworkable.

Eventually after a bit of hunting I found galvanised wire leaf-traps on eBay & Amazon (both from the same supplier in the UK).  With postage 1/3 of the price on eBay I ordered 6 on Thursday and they arrived 2 days later .. they sit nicely into the top of the pipes and will hopefully do the job.