Lawns and Gravel

With the autumn upon us … it is time to set the lawn and finish around the exterior of the house.  The front patio will wait until next year but in the meantime we need to get the grass and gravel set down.

The lawn was sprayed with weedkiller in mid-August and, with a nice spell of dry weather last week, it has done the job of killing most of the weeds.  A local landscaping professional Paul Gleeson and his crew have spent a couple of days working on the lawn and it is now largely complete.

After removing all the large boulders, rotavating the lawn it took a couple of passes with a grader/rake to get a level finish into which the seed can be sown.  A good dose of rain in the coming days will get it started and hopefully we will have a nice, rich, lush lawn by the time spring 2014 comes around.

The strip between the house and footpath has also been filled in with a local stone chip which will permit drainage but keep the weeds at bay (fingers crossed).