Wardrobes & Cupboards fitted

After quite a bit of shopping around and over & back we finally settled on a supplier for our bedroom wardrobes, hall wardrobe and kitchen cupboard units downstairs.

We’ve opted to go with Limerick-based Slide Glide for a combination of cost and selection.  They were one of the few companies who could supply the door finishes we wanted, custom manufacture for the kitchen shelving units and a range of flexibility that was unmatched elsewhere.

There were a few little niggles with shelves & rails being slightly out of alignment but a few return visits fixed the majority of the problems and the shelves are now complete.  The biggest problem was getting silicone buffers on the sliding doors as we had ordered them but when the doors were delivered they came with a fabric/fur strip.  Apparently the  white door profiles we chose do not come with a silicone buffer.  A bit of DIY was required to remove the strips & backing glue and then trimming standard silicone beading with a stanley knife and glueing it onto the door with clear adhesive.  The finished result is not perfect but close enough.

Now we can empty the last of the boxes, suitcases and hang up all the clothes at last!!

We have to fit the skirting boards (with openings for the kickspace heaters) in the bedrooms and hall wardrobes and a fair bit of paint/plaster touch-up around the edges will also be needed to finish the job.