Living Room Concealed-Blind system

One of the more unusual elements of the interior design of the house are the concealed window blinds in the living room.

We have created a vertical space inside the walls above the long windows on the south and west facing windows. The cavity is approximately 100mm deep and goes the full height of the walls above the windows up to ceiling level. Inside the cavity about 3.5metres above the window we fixed a timber beam with pulleys.  A 4mm plastic coated wire rope is used to raise and lower a timber beam (see photos below) which has a second set of lighter pulleys attached.  These lighter pulleys will be used to raise and lower the window blinds inside the wall cavity.  The window blinds will be made of a standard polyester fabric with a weighted bar stitched at the end (same as on a roller blind).

If the blinds should ever need to be replaced or a cord breaks the upper timber beam held on the wire cables can be lowered.

We just need to have the fabric blinds made up to fit the openings and get the cord and we can pull the whole contraption up into the walls.