We got the POWER

After almost a month wait .. we finally have power at the house.

Our electrician Kieran Brennan had submitted the RECI cert to the ESB Networks and it was all pretty straightforward …. to that point.

However dealing with ESB Networks was a complete fiasco.  It is hard to believe the arrogance, stubborness and sheer lack of professionalism in this organisation.  From talking to others it seems that my experience was far from unusual and the reputation is well deserved.

We were given a date for connection, nobody turned up on that date.  After several phonecalls we got a crew to come to site a few days later who immediately left as they said the pipework wasn’t in the exact position required.  Within 10 minutes of their departure the issue was addressed (in spite of the fact we had not been alerted to the issue) but it took another week to get the crew back to finally perform the connection.

On almost all occasions it was painful to deal with ESB Networks with their failure to respond and a somewhat “wild-west” attitude to scheduling where nothing is ever disclosed and crews are roaming the countryside on-call to wherever the supervisor decides to send them (so you don’t want to anger the supervisor – a lot of tongue-biting is required).

You’d know there was a monopoly involved – in the lack of customer care or focus.

In any case we have power, paid a small fortune for a connection that was completed in an hour and hope to never have to deal with ESB Networks again.